Contemporary Worship

The Gathering (our night of contemporary style worship) is for those who want to go deeper with the Lord, are seeking a much more potent, tangible experience with Him, and are eager to grow stronger in their relationship with Him. We try to achieve this by creating an atmosphere the Lord can inhabit freely with no restraints, and by encouraging each other to be more open to experiencing all He has to offer, regardless of background or affiliation. The goal is to make the Lord a more personal and tangible reality of presence and power in our lives. What might you see in one of our gatherings?  

  • Worshipping the Lord through music and singing together

  • Soaking worship- letting the lyrics to songs wash over us and minister as we listen to the singer

  • Prayer- we explore several different avenues to pray for and with each other during the course of each evening; we also use prayer as a way to draw closer to the Lord and cultivate greater intimacy with Him. And, there is a prayer team available at the end of each gathering to pray with people specifically and individually  

  • Scripture- the source of all truth, “living and active…”- learning to appreciate the timelessness and power in Scripture, and allowing it to specifically apply and speak to our own situations and lives

  • Messages- there may be short devotionals or messages given during the course of the evening.

  • Silence- we often employ times of silence, to allow the Lord to speak to us, and to learn how to discern His Presence and His methods of speaking to us.

  • Sharing our experiences- we encourage openly talking of how the Lord has worked in our lives, and how He uses us. This might be a testimony of how someone came to the Lord, or might simply be relating specific ways the Lord has worked in one’s life in tangible ways. This includes sharing our disappointments, anxieties, questions and doubts- this is all part of the human experience and the quest to understand the Lord we love and serve.

  • Encouraging and supporting each other- through spoken word, exhortation, specific words from the Lord, shouldering each other’s burdens, etc.

The structure and atmosphere of these gatherings is casual and a bit spontaneous; no two gatherings are quite alike. We do this to allow the Holy Spirit to move how He wills through each evening. People are free to participate in whatever way they choose- nothing is forced, and no one is put on the spot, ever! Our hope with these gatherings is to build a strong, vibrant community that walks in the love and power of Christ, and to create an avenue for Him to do great and mighty things… “far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think

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