Wednesday Women's Bible Study

At this Bible Study, many women from different churches come together to learn more about God. We go deeper into God's word, helping you discover the timeless truth being communicated, see the relevance for your life, and make a personal application .
Imagine reading a familiar passage of scripture and gaining fresh insight as if it were the first time you had ever read it. How much richer your life would be if you left each Bible study with a new perspective and a small change for the better. A small change every day adds up to a changed life and that is the very purpose of this Bible study.
 Some of the questions we ask ourselves as we study:

  1. What does this passage really mean?
  2. How does it apply to my daily life?
  3. Why does some of the Bible seem irrelevant?
  4. What do these ancient cultures have to do with today?
  5. I love God- why can't I understand what He is saying to me through His word?
  6. What is going on in the lives of these Bible people?

Most of all we have a sharing, praying, and fellowship time. We go out for lunch as well, and have fun together.
Come, you will not regret it.  We meet on Wednesday mornings from 10am-12 noon at First Armenian Church. For more information, please contact Silva at 781-373-3075 or email