Benevolence - Missions

Our Mission is to glorify Jesus Christ by sharing the Gospel of the Good News to all peoples. We as a congregation and as disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ enthusiastically embrace the call of benevolence as a fundamental tenet of our church, to serve others in Christ’s name . We seek to engage the gifts and passions of our members, as well as encourage benevolent giving to support a variety of work outside our own congregation.

Our committee uses the following verse as the basis for all activities,

 "Here  I am…send me !” Isaiah 6:8

We participate in a wide variety of programs to provide food locally for the poor, assist Nursing Homes, sponsor local missionaries, offer overseas support of the AMAA (Armenian Missionary Association of America), in addition to offering  aide to urgent international needs as they develop. 
We meet monthly to share ideas and plan activities. If this Ministry touches your heart, please join us by contacting the church office at 617-484-4779, and you will be contacted by our Missions-Benevolence Chairperson.